Razor Expandable Pouch 2.5 Pink


  • Large zippered opening for easy access and good visibility of internal contents
  • Heavy duty rugged zipper 2 inside pockets for emergency tools such as a cutting device or a spare double ender
  • Fixing points inside to clip off items so that they cannot fall out and to help keep everything organized


The Razor Expandable Side Mount Pouch 2.5 got improved and is again designed specifically to be butt mounted for a low profile streamlined easy to access location in side mount configuration.
It has two 1“ stainless steel d rings that allow it to be clipped off to the Razor Harness DAP’s so that it sits just below the BAT wing.
The RESMP 2.5 now can be expanded with a large, heavy duty top zipper all around the pouch when larger carrying capacity is required or squashed flat to be as streamlined as possible.
It is even a bit largeer now and can store pretty much everything you will ever need on a dive.
A large heavy duty top zipper allows for easy access to and good visibility of the pouch contents without having to worry about items falling out.
2 Internal pockets and lanyards allow easy separation and organization of contents in secure locations.
The back of the pouch has a large low profile external slate pocket.

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