Razor Primary Light L4200


RAZOR Primary Light L4200


Driven by innovation
The first primary light with wireless charging!

The new Razor Side Mount Light L4200 Wireless is the result of one year hard testing and redefining the way we use our primary light in cave diving. Like on the Razor Side Mount System we worked hard on details to make this primary light the most powerful, practical and innovative light on the market.

So check out the features and download the manual for detailed info about the new innovations.

Package Content
Burn Times
The Razor L4200 light head

For the new Razor light we wanted to have the most efficient mix between LED, Reflector and efficiency. Therefore we built a specific metal reflector to get the best light output from the LED.

The Razor L4200 has a button switch with battery status indicator:

In addition the Light Head comes with the Razor Light Holder which you can screw on directly to the head in 3 different positions. That gives you full flexibility over the position of the ON/OFF button either on the helmet or on your hand.

Technical Specifications
Product Name Razor Side Mount Primary Light L4200
LEDCREE XHP70.2 (4200Lumen)
Color temperature
Warm white light 5000K
Lumen/ RuntimeHigh Power : 4200 lumen, ca. 5,5 hours
Medium Power : 2100 lumen, ca. 11 hours
Lowest Power: 40 lumen, ca. 2,5 days
Body materialDurable aluminum alloy
Beam angle of light8° hot spot – 60° corona
Lens5mm PC
14.8V, Samsung power battery pack
Flash modelStandard mode: High light – Low light – Off.
Stepless mode: dim on any light power with memory function.
Dive mode: ON/OFF with the same light setting
Strobe mode: double press for SOS
Surface Finish
Three Level Hard anodizing
On-Off Button
WaterproofIPX8 , 100M underwater
DimensionsBattery part: 260 mm or 10.24” (length) x 56 mm or 2.20” (diameter)
Head : 80 mm or 3.15” (length) x 54 mm or 2.12” (diameter)
WeightCanister, cable and light head: 1.6 kg or 3.5 lbs
FeatureShort-circuit protection, overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, low voltage protection, high temperature protection
The Razor Helmet Mount

The new patent pending Razor Light holder brings a new dimension on your helmet –

a streamlined one

You can easily attach the light head to it and lock it in place with a 90° turn.


The Razor Hand Mount

The Razor Hand Mount is the right tool if you need to store the Razor Light on your hand. This is especially usefull:
– Riding a scooter either in a Cave or in Open Water
– Using the Light without diving with a helmet.
– Whenever you are diving with the light out of the helmet.


Beam Angles


The Razor Webbing Mount

The new patent pending Razor canister closing system is tool free and with a simple turn on one of the rings you can detach your light from the harness for charging.

Razor Wireless Charger
Wireless Charging

The Razor Side Mount Light L4200 is the first primary light with wireless charging. Just plug the end of the cannister to the Razor Wireless Charger and it gets charged. From an empty battery to full power it takes around 8 hours.

You can charge your light even straight on the harness by plugging the charger at the end of the canister.
Charging a Primay Light was never easier!

Ready to travel the World

The Razor Side Mount Light L4200 comes with a fly safe cover that you can plug on the canister to prevent from shortcuts while flying. In addition the Razor charger comes with all international plugs.

Type A

Mainly used in the USA,
Canada, Mexico & Japan

Type C

Commonly used in Europe,
South America & Asia

Type G

Mainly used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta,
Malaysia & Singapore

Type I

Mainly used in Australia,
New Zealand, China & Argentina


The Razor Side Mount light L4200 comes packed in a nice package.

Included is the Razor Hand Mount, the Razor Helmet Mount and the specific Razor Light Holder to the L4200.
So you safe money on the super popular Razor Mounting System.

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