3x Razor 4 Wing Weight Pocket


Designed to be used with the integrated Razor Wing Weight Layer. Finally a weight system that allows you to place the weight pockets exactly where you need them.


The Razor 4 Wing Weight Pockets work great for:

  • Cold Water Diving. If you need more than 12 kg of weight on your system, the Wing Weight Pockets are a great tool to add additional weight directly on your Wing Layer.
  • Divers with back problem. You can place the weights around your spine keeping the whole flexibility and movement of your back.
  • Vacations. Easy to leave weights on a boat when you are on vacation and fast switching weights.
  • Every type of weight. The new design allows to place all different kind of shapes and sizes between 500 gr and 3 kg into the pockets.
  • Courses. Change weights easily on your students, even in the water.
  • Lateral trim corrections. Adjust your lateral trim, f.e. during sidemount rebreather or stage diving.
  • The new design of the Razor 4 Pocket Weight System allows you to stow all common sizes and shapes of weight pieces on the diving market (or in dive centers). You can fit it either using the Weight Strap that comes along with it, or directly on your Side Mount Harness (waist strap or lumbar strap).
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