The Razor T-Weight System 2.5


Designed to be used with the specially adapted plates of the Razor Harness
Simple, easy to use and secure
System holds up to 30 pounds / 14+ Kilos of readily available standard lead block weights
Separate 2 part spine and waist system
Use only 1 part if minimal ballast is required for warm water diving


  • The Razor T Weight System is a 2 part system that can be used together or both parts can be used separately.
  • The Lumbar weight strap attaches to the DSP and the MBP
  • The Waist weight strap attaches to the DAP’s and the MBP
  • All attachment points have heavy duty reinforced grommets and are fully adjustable depending on both the size of the diver and the amount of weight that is required.
  • The T Weight system makes it very quick to attach, remove or change weights and is held securely to the Razor Harness with button head bolts in a low profile configuration.
  • It is designed to work with standard lead block diving weights that are readily available anywhere there is diving and will allow up to 30lbs (six 5lb blocks) of lead to be worn.
  • The position of the ballast can be easily and quickly adjusted to optimize trim.
    By positioning both the ballast weight and the buoyancy close together at the center point/midline of the body turning moments are reduced which helps to create a very stable platform to dive from thus giving the diver greater control when changing orientation in the water.
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